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Interview from trade journal „Asphalt & Bitumen“ edition 2/2017 (only in german)

ASC conducted the technical and strategical workshop in Barcelona.

Once upon a time bitumen was bitumen. Not anymore. Kristina Smith reports on why the chemistry of bitumen is more important than ever to the performance of pavements.

Changes to the way bitumen is produced and traded mean that traditional ways of specifying – and buying - it may not be enough - Frank Albrecht, MD of Albr3cht Supply Concepts, explained why to Kristina Smith.

A raft of global pressures is driving developments in the materials and equipment we use for the handling, storage and treatment of bitumen. The goal is to achieve better performance and longer life for less financial outlay, and at the same time overcome the challenges of inconsistent and varying bitumen supplies. Kristina Smith reports.

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