We address bitumen shortcomings or enhance desired bitumen properties.

Paving Grade Bitumen

EN 13924 plus EN 12591 with pen below 50; below 40 for the UK, Netherlands and Ireland, and below 45 for Germany.

ASC Bitumen 10/20
ASC Bitumen 20/30
ASC Bitumen 30/45
ASC Bitumen 35/50
ASC Bitumen 40/60
ASC Bitumen 50/70
ASC Bitumen 70/100
ASC Bitumen 100/150
ASC Bitumen 160/220

Polymer modified Bitumen

According EN 14023
ASC PmB 25/55-55 A
ASC PmB 10/40-65 A


Bitumen reverse engineered

  • Easy transport, handling and logistics)
  • At ambient temperatures, no heating required
  • Energy efficient


You need more information on Instant-Bitumen? Read our detailed article or


For Hot Rolled Asphalt

NHCR – Naturally occuring Hydrocarbon Resin / Natural Asphalt

The product is mainly used to reduce the bitumen penetration

  • Increases the softening point (ring & ball)
  • Increases the useful temperature interval (UTI)
  • Acts as an Asphaltene and Resin donator
    • Reduces rutting and ageing
    • Reduces the temperature susceptibility


Soft Bio Extender

The product is mainly used to increase the bitumen penetration

  • As it its derived from the Biodiesel production it can be used to decrease the carbon footprint of bitumen, analogue to a E10 Fuel for instance
Bio rejuvenator

Sustainable and effective bio rejuvenator made from bio waste

  • True binder behavior for ease of handling and constant and predictable results in combination with RAP/RAS
Polymer Modification

Polymer enhancement for bitumen

  • SBS (linear and radial)
  • Tire Rubber Modification – GRM 40/20 for porous asphalt and SMA


Wax Modification

The product is mainly used to allow lower processing and subsequently lower compaction temperatures

  • FT Wax



For Mastic Asphalt / Gussasphalt

NHCR / Natural Asphalt

Naturally occurring Hydrocarbon Resin

  • Increases temperature resistance
  • Improves rutting


FT Wax

Fischer Tropsch wax

  • Reduces processing temperatures
  • Improves workability


Additive Package for High Performance Gussasphalt binder production

Decentralised Gussasphalt and refinery independent binder production

  • Based on standard 70/100 or 50/70 bitumen
  • Polymer modified
  • Reduced processing temperatures
  • Excellent workability
  • High Performance
    • High static & dynamic loads possible


Ready-to-use bagged Gussasphalt

For small area pavements, micro trenching, pothole repair, etc.

  • Tire rubber modified
  • No waste material
  • Comes in 20kg bags


Is Gussasphalt the product you need?


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